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Public Computer Terminals

Acceptable Use Agreement

Norfolk Library and Information Service accepts no responsibility or liability for any claim, loss or damage resulting from your use of a public terminal, including loss of data or other information. For the protection of your privacy you are advised to ensure that you log off from any session or service when you have finished.

All library users can have access to the World Wide Web and to email services. Please note that not all services are available on all public terminals. Norfolk Library and Information Service does not provide e-mail accounts to customers.

The standard session length is 120 minutes – some libraries may also have some quick use terminals with shorter sessions. If someone else is waiting to use the terminal at the end of that period you will be asked to move on.

The Internet is a global network and Norfolk Library and Information Service is not responsible for the accuracy, validity, legality or usefulness of information on any site. For Norfolk-based trusted information on benefits, business, citizenship, health, jobs, money and your rights, go to Information4Living. For information on these topics in the rest of the UK, go to Bookmark your Library.

You are not allowed to transmit illegal material on the Internet or by email. This includes material protected by copyright, threatening or obscene material, pornographic material, or material protected by trade secret.

Access to the Internet from any public terminal in Norfolk Libraries, from the NCC_Library_Wifi network, and/or use of any printers in libraries indicates that you agree to the following:

I am using my personal borrower number and PIN to log onto this computer terminal (or a guest login that has been provided to me today by a member of staff specifically for my current session)

I will not:

I understand that: